September 26, 2020

Walk from Piedmont park to Atlanta Beltline

The day was gorgeous so, evening I decided to go for a walk with my son and husband. It was a long walk from the place I stay to Piedmont park . The weather was perfect.

Beautiful lake in Piedmont park

When we were coming out of the park we decided to continue our walk on Atlanta Beltline. This is a project were they took the old railway lines running along a old factory and turn them into nice public spaces where you could enjoy a nice stroll or bike and finally end the evening with good dinner and shopping.

After dinner my son took us to place where we could get Bubble tea and I am putting together this post sipping my Japanese Matcha bubble tea with soya milk and Tapioca pearls.

3 thoughts on “Walk from Piedmont park to Atlanta Beltline

      1. I most certainly will if I ever see it as I like to try new things … but maybe it’s only in Atlanta? Did it taste like bubble gum?

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