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Suguna Ganeshan

I grew up in southern part of India, place called Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. I finished under graduation in BSC Computer science and MBA in Finance and Marketing in India. Came to USA in the year 2000, married to a wonderful person, along with our son. My Husband's Work brought us here. Can't believe 17 yrs has passed by.
I have always wanted to write, but something would always stop me from putting my pen to the paper, So suddenly one day I got so bold that I decided to blog about the new iPhone 7plus red upgrade, I got as an advance Wedding day gift from my Husband.
And here, I am thinking about what new topics I should blog about. I love travelling and taking lot of photos. I will be sharing a lot of photos of the place's I have already visited and will be visiting in the future. Please ask before you use my photos and share my blog info if you have used my photo's.

Life Update

Hello Friends, Thank you very much for helping me grow my blog with various categories. I currently have several categories I cater too on this blog and my photography website […]
Life Update