June 25, 2021

Honk Honk

Daily Prompt: Honk Honk Honk goes the car horn passengers waiting to board their car to get to their destination. Honk Honk goes the car horn, the car drivers form a temporary line. Honk Honk goes the car horn the drivers are getting impatient Honk Honk goes the car horn in the traffic jam Honk […]


via Daily Prompt: Gratitude I can’t believe October is over so soon, I felt it just start when I wrote a post about October and here its already November. I feel Gratitude towards life in general and the thinks I have learned in the past month. I have learnt to appreciate life and things we […]


via Daily Prompt: Believe   To Believe is such an important thing the reason you are able to get up the next day is believing the day would be better one than the previous day. To Believe makes it easier to encounter anything To Believe makes it easier to breathe knowing that you would get […]


  Our mind is like the soil  We sow thought as a seed The more we water it with good thoughts and positivity Which is  necessary like minerals for it to grow We weed out unwanted thoughts (Negativity) By nourishing with positive thought to grow The thought flourishes into an idea The idea starts to […]


Traffic Jam Traffic Jam I see Traffic Jam every day I see Traffic Jam every where They don’t follow Traffic rules They don’t follow Lane system Traffic Jam Traffic Jam They don’t care about sharing the road with others They behave like Savages Traffic Jam Traffic Jam Sitting in it mounts frustration Noise pollution, dust […]

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