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short stories

Flash fiction challenge

Horror Anita was sleeping in her Dorm room. Suddenly she heard some music, which woke her up. As she gradually became aware of the surroundings, she had a throbbing headache. […]

Dubious   The meaning of Dubious is hesitating or doubting, not to be relied upon, suspect.   Sheryl, stood shocked  when she was hearing her best friend talking about her […]

Faint Sheela felt faint when she was standing in the line along with her other class mates at the Morning Assembly. The whole school  would be at the morning assembly. […]


via Daily Prompt: Launch Mary, had to go on a work trip to Seattle for a week. She had to leave her daughter Jane who was 4 yrs old with […]


Daily Prompt: Ooze She could not believe it was already 6 months since she had been in her husband’s arms. She had to travel for work purpose to London. She […]

Hidden   Sneha, can you give me the shovel. Rishi asks to dig a hole in the backyard near the rose plant their mother had recently planted the previous day. […]


  Hearing the school bus noise Rishi’s mother would wait near the front door to welcome her son from school. Every day Rishi would come running from school  bus bubbling […]