August 2, 2021

Screen Recording a feature in iOS 11

Today I learned about one of the nicest feature called Screen Recording part of the new iOS11 upgrade feature, thought I would share with you all. 1). If you want to activate this feature then you have to go into Settings on your iPhone and select Control Center. I have used an arrow to highlight […]

3D Touch feature for iOS 11

The 3D Touch feature is an amazing way to preview an application on iOS 11. Press down and and hold an app and then there is a drop down option which looks like this In this case, I am using 3D Touch on my WordPress app. It shows me a preview of how my Blog […]

Apple iOS 11 release today

Today Apple released its new operating systems iOS 11. You could upgrade your iPhones , iPads and iwatches . The iOS looks so different from the previous iOS 10 version. I am still trying to look and figure things out with my iPhone 7s plus. There a couple different ways you could download the operating […]

Tea Factory

      During my trip to Sri Lanka I along with my husband stayed at a hotel called the Heritance Tea Factory. This is a unique concept were they have converted a Tea factory into a Luxury hotel. What I saw was Tea plantation around me and it was amazing to see so much […]


  The best part of living in the USA is I get to see all four season. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.     Autumn and Spring are my most favorite season where I get to see how the leafs on trees get to change color and the leafs fall of the trees. The trees become […]


  When I went to meet my parents, my dad was showing me some pictures and videos he had taken and edited into a movie. He was showing me some pictures of the moon he had beautifully captured on his DSLR Camera. That day more than half of the moon was visible and we decided […]

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