Notes app on iOS 11


I always love using the notes app on my iPhone. If I wanted to jot down some thing quickly I don’t need to look for a paper or pen. I can just open my notes app and start typing what ever I wanted to put in.

With IOS 11 upgrade, they have introduce many nice and new features , which I will definitely use on my Notes app.

1) You can take notes in a regular way by typing, or you can use a pen or pencil which you could use on a touch screen to write. I think that is cool. These features can be used both on iPhone and iPad.

2). You can use tables if you need to put an article together.

3) you could make a list of grocery’s , so when you pick that particular item you could click on the circle to put a check mark, completing that particular action. At the end of the notes page you could see some symbols and one of them is a plus sign, when you click on it , opens a menu.

4) the Drop down menu has some options like scan document, take a photo using a camera or use a photo to work on.

5) You can use the sketch option to sketch a picture or if you are doodling. These options are available both on your iPhone and iPad.

Enjoy these new features, I will put together another article with another feature

when I find out more.