Release   I have been taking ¬†photography of the places I have been traveling over the years, but until 2017 when I started to travel more frequently did I realize I love taking photography. Usually when you take pictures you see it once or twice with your family and then it’s saved in digital files…

Color your world- purple

Purple Heart This was a beautiful Dusk picture I captured when I was staying at Prince Waikiki in Oahu, Hawaii. I love how the light reflection looks purple when its hitting on the ocean. It was amazing to see the change of colors after the sun goes down.

Color your world – Rose

Rose I love looking at Macy’s window display during the holiday season, they are so vibrant and colorful which catches the eye of the pedestrian. Every year they have a new display to see. I don’t get it to see it every year, but when ever I have seen I have enjoyed them.

Color your world- Black

Black Even though the topic for the color your World was Black. I looked through my pictures and I came up with these two pictures. This is a picture of Lava oozing out in the night. The lava flowing and when the hot magma oozes out its glowing red, yellow and so many more colors….

Color your world-Sunglow

This was an amazing view on the beach to see how the color of the sun kept changing when the sun was setting. It was a beautiful site, with so much tranquil and peace.