August 2, 2021

Life Update

Hello Friends, Thank you very much for helping me grow my blog with various categories. I currently have several categories I cater too on this blog and my photography website www. Has been growing, so I decided to separate my photography section from this blog and create a new blog at Suguna Ganeshan Photography. […]

My Blog’s first year Anniversary

Dear Friends, I can’t believe its today April 5th, 2018. This is my blog’s First Anniversary. It’s been a year since I started blogging. I am the same person who said I had a lot of fear in writing down, my thoughts etc. I can’t believe I have created 327 blog posts and 481 followers. […]

Last day of the year 2017

I can’t believe 2017 is over, this year has been one hell of roller coaster ride year. Please excuse me for using a slang word, but I had no other way to express this year. I have been all over the place. But I would say even though with a lot of ups and downs […]

My experience after I started Blogging

I can’t believe that its 9 months since I started blogging. If you remember from my previous posts, I had a fear towards writing. With support from my family and friends like you all, I have been able to come out of that fear and move forward with writing. This 9 months has been a […]


via Daily Prompt: Organize Can’t believe 8 months are over in 2017. It has been lots and lots of travel all around the world. I can’t complain too much except for packing and unpacking. I was very excited to see different places and different culture. I believe in having thinks organized including travel. But this […]

Father’s Day

I want to wish all Father’s and Special my Father , A Very Happy Father’s Day. My Father is an amazing person, Me and my Sister we will not be here without him. For the amazing sacrifice he has done to provide us the best education and all things good in life.     Dad […]

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