Life Update

I know its been a while since I have been posting regularly on my blog. I have been very busy post-processing my photos which I took on our trip to Hawaii. I have a large amount of photos to go through. while post processing, I got an idea to look up photography sharing websites and I came upon www. This is an amazing website, I created an account and have been posting photos on the site. The link to my page is

I would highly recommend all of you to go and check the above link out. I have started posting my work out on this site. I am very excited with the quality of display I get with my pictures on this site. I have posted about 20 to 30 pictures I took in Hawaii. I will be adding more on to this website. I will be creating several categories and uploading my best work. If any one of you are interested in buying copies of my work in the form of Wall art, Paper Print, Desk Art, Keep sake, Phone Cases, you could do threw this link.

After becoming an empty nester, I have been trying to figure out all of year 2017 what did I want to do with my life. 2017 has been a journey of finding myself. I am glad to be able to find my true passion in Photography and Writing, which kind of complements itself. I am excited to be able to share the world and the places I visit through this website. Please do keep checking regularly to see my latest work .




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  1. Checked out your new site, awesome photography! Thanks for sharing! Hawaii was the site of our honeymoon 25 years ago!

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    1. GANSU says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to check my site out.

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    2. GANSU says:

      Quick question, are you on smugmug or 500px. Were do you post your work.

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      1. I have a flickr account but don’t use it anymore. I’m thinking for weeks whether I should do a portfolio page on 500px, but haven’t decided! My main outlet is my blog!

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      2. GANSU says:

        Okay, I have a page through 500px and smugmug. You could check out both before you decide or have both also, depends on what you want.

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      3. Will do, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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      4. GANSU says:

        Thank you very much for the inspiration you have given me.

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      5. You are so welcome 🙂

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