June 25, 2021

Photos on the Blue Ridge Parkway​

These are photos I took on Blue Ridge Parkway in Va. I got to take some amazing pictures of the rolling mountains. It was a very clear day and the view was phenomenal. If you want to see more of this pictures or download them you could check out http://www.sugunaganeshan.com/travel.           […]

Interesting places to see in Atlanta

As part of my Travel stories, I am going to put together interesting and must-see places I have visited. I will include a small amount of information and photographs of the places I have visited. I have been talking about places like Hawaii, Maldives, Sri Lanka etc, in my previous post on my blog under travel […]

Photographic spots

We were driving back from Atlanta. It was a long 15 hour car drive from Atlanta to PA. So me and my husband decided to drive over the weekend, so we could stop and site -see along the way. It was an amazing road trip. Instead of choosing the regular highway. We planned to drive […]

Diamond Head Monument crater

While we stayed in Oahu, Hawaii, we decided to visit Diamond Head Monument, State Park. This place is a huge volcanic crater. This broad saucer-shaped crated was formed some 300,000 years ago in a single explosion In order to see the crater shape, I had to hike up the trailhead of the summit, which was […]

Polynesian cultural experience

I would recommend every first timer to Hawaii to go and see the show at the Polynesian cultural center in Oahu. This gives you an amazing feel of the Hawaiian culture. One can spend half a day and nice evening with the cultural center. As a family we choose to do the evening portion at […]

Day-2 Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Historic Tour Visiting Pearl Harbor Historic site was my first place of site seeing, I had planned for the family. I would highly recommend to booking the tour online, you get to book visit to all four sites. I used Trip advisor to book the trip, but you could directly from the website […]

Travel to Hawaii- Day 1

I started this topic on Jan 15 and have not been able to complete it till today. Can’t believe how soon January is over. It just felt like we celebrated the new year and one month is already over and 11 more months in this year to go. January has been a hectic month. After […]

Thanksgiving Road Trip

This year for Thanksgiving me and my husband had an amazing trip to Boston. We spent time with Family and Friends. During the drive  to Boston we crossed 5 states( Started from PA, NJ, NY, CT and then Reached MA). It took us about 6 hours to drive and 1 hour for breaks. Map of […]

Photo of the Day

I had a scavenger Hunt in Easton Downtown as part of our photography class. I have lived her for a very long time and have not seen Easton like this. The scavenger Hunt was amazing and I got to see Easton in a different light for the beauty and the history it has . We […]

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