Clouds are amazing When you see them from above. They look huge and so white. Clouds look so fluffy and like a soft Mattress. When the move and open up, you could see below.

Aerial photos

While flying from India to EWR , I came through Frankfurt. I got to take a lot of Aerial photos of Frankfurt. Most of the time while traveling I don’t seem to get the window seat, this was the first time after a long time I got the window seat.

Exotic fruits

I have been traveling all of April and May. So you would not have seen frequent post from me . During this travel I have seen a lot of interesting things , I would like to post some of the pictures I took. It is Mangoes and Jack fruit season in India . Even though…

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to you all – My friends and amazing Mother’s. Mother is the most important figure in one’s life. She is a Motivator She is the most lOving person She is an amazing Teacher She is an amazing Helper She is an amazing friEnd She is the most amazing person, who has sacRificed…