Cool things

Went to the Microsoft store at the mall in Atlanta and met this Robot with a Microsoft surface to its chest. It was cool to see the Robot move, dance with hand gestures. It was cool to watch the Robot.

Atlanta skyline

I am in Atlanta and while standing on the parking lot, I had these amazing buildings around me. This is called the Bank of America building (Pencil Building) This AT&T building That is the Mercedes Benz stadium That is Georgia Tech

Amazing sunset

Today’s sunset was amazing as it was raining in the evening, while driving into Georgia. I got to take interesting pictures of the sunset and the Rainbow on the other side. The sunset was one side and the Rainbow on the other side of the road.

Cool Things

This is a cool table at Mc Donald’s. This is an interactive table called NunoErin at Mc Donald’s. On our road trip down to Atlanta. We stopped at this MC Donald’s for dinner and were playing with the table for some time.

Photo of the Day

Sand Art I have always wondered , how they put together Sand Art. It looks amazing, they should have undergone a lot of painstaking hours in order to complete such an intricate design, which I did not get to see. This Sand art was being put together at Rockefeller center in Ny city. I could…