August 2, 2021

Pongal Celebration in India

Pongal is a harvest festival Theme festival dedicated to Sun God. Its celebrated over 3 days. It’s a very important festival celebrated in India and Sri Lanka by Tamil speaking people . According to Tamil calendars it comes on First day of the tenth month of Tamil . I celebrate this festival at home in […]

New Year new post

Hello Friends, I cannot believe that the year 2018 is over. It felt as if the year had just started and 9 days ago we celebrated 2019. Time goes by very quickly. I have not been keeping up with my post regularly. I have been very busy setting up my Photography website with different photo […]

Plane ride

No matter how many times u fly by planes, it feels amazing.  It always makes you wonder how its able to carry so many people and so much weight and still be able to fly in the sky for such a long time. It’s an Engineering marvel. I thoroughly enjoy long flight’s, you actually get “Me” time […]


      Our return Sea plane trip from Milaidhoo island was schedule for 11:40 am, due to weather condition’s at the Male airport, the sea plane had to post pone their pick up time to 1:20 pm. Our International plane from Male airport to Colombo was scheduled to leave at 3:30pm . So we […]

8 Interesting fact’s about Maldives

  The Maldives is the flattest country in the world. Its highest point is just 2.4 meters above mean sea level The country area is about the same size as Portugal’s with ninety-nine percent of it being water The Maldives is comprised of 1,192 coral islands, which are grouped in a double chain of 26 […]


In 2015, I hurt my back and my knee. I had been diagnosed with disk protrusion on my L5 ( spinal cord) with Sciatica pain on both sides of my leg running down from my lower back until my toes.  I have undergone all kinds of treatment, I got myself  a cortisone injection on my […]

Back from Vacation

I am back from our wonderful trip to Maldives and Sri Lanka. It has been an amazing week long trip with my husband. We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to these two beautiful countries Maldives and Sri Lanka. We have to thank people who helped us put together this trip. First thanks should go to […]

Travel Update

Another month is over, I can’t believe how fast time goes by. For the last 3 days I travelled to Mumbai, I went to visit my family and to attend an Engagement function. I will post more information about this trip after about a week. Currently I am travelling again, on a very special occasion and […]

Mumbai Domestic airport

I completed my security check to enter into Mumbai domestic airport so I could board a flight to Bangalore. The waiting area in the airport was overcrowded. I have never seen so much crowd waiting to board . People waiting to board their flight , toddlers crying, people talking, people browsing on their phones and […]

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