Back from Vacation

I am back from our wonderful trip to Maldives and Sri Lanka. It has been an amazing week long trip with my husband. We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to these two beautiful countries Maldives and Sri Lanka. We have to thank people who helped us put together this trip. First thanks should go to My husband for planning most of the trip as a surprise and then the obvious “Internet” with out which it would  not have been possible even to plan such a beautiful trip. Second, all the people who helped coordinate our complete stay in Maldives and in Sri Lanka, they did a fantastic job.

The special occasion to put together this trip was to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Which we celebrated over our entire trip. I have taken a lot of pictures and have lots and lots of stories to share. I have to sort through all of my pictures and my week long experience which I will be sharing with you all. Hope you will all enjoy them as much as I have . Please look forward to my future post to Maldives