Maldives Trip(part-1) Reaching Maldives

Reaching Maldives

My flight was booked from Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore at 3:30 am to Colombo, Sri Lanka and change of flight after 2 hours to Male, Maldives. I reached along with my husband at 8:30 am Male standard time. There is a 30 minutes time difference between Sri Lanka and Male. We were booked through out on Sri Lankan airlines flight.

Landing in Maldives Airport.

After completing immigration at the Male airport, we were received by the  Island staff. We were not stopping at Maldives island, we were going to another smaller island called Milaidhoo island.This island distance from Male is 127 Km. We have to use Sea plane for this transfer from the sea plane terminal. The distance between main terminal and sea plane terminal is about 15 minutes and then we take a Sea plane, the flight time is about 35 minutes, and then we take a boat for 15 minutes to reach the island.

I had no clue until I went there. I was very excited because this is the first time I am going to take a ride on a Sea plane.

My next part I will cover our Sea plane experience to the island.