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These are photos I took while driving in Sri Lanka.  There are some pictures with lite Fog and some of them are very Foggy. It was very beautiful to watch how Fog comes and spreads over the whole area. I decided to put them as a slide show instead of individual pictures.

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  1. calmkate says:

    your photos are very eerie and I love how you have a slide show .. how do you do that Sugunag?

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    1. GANSU says:

      Thank you. When you upload the pictures through your laptop you get to choose what options you want to do with the photos . I am currently not in front of my laptop I will look into it later and send you the exact info

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      1. calmkate says:

        appreciate that, not sure I have the tech know how but I like to learn new tricks 🙂

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      2. calmkate says:

        don’t worry I have fiddled around and worked out how to do it, how magical .. I’m so impressed with the variety, I had no idea, thanks so much 🙂

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      3. GANSU says:

        Your welcome

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