Following my Blog

Dear Friends,

      First I want to thank you all , for patiently reading my blog. As you all know being an empty nester with lot of time to kill, I can come up with lots of topics to write, but you all need the time to read and comment back. Thank you for taking out some time from your busy life’s. 

   When you come and check out the blog through social media or directly on my blog site, please feel free to press the like button on my blog site and also to select to follow my blog.  The link to like my blog would be under the post itself and the link to follow would be in the right hand side at the beginning of the blog or right hand side corner of your screen, please move your page up and down and you will see a pop menu.

 1) Social Media

 For people who access my blog through social media, there is usually a link posted , if you click the link open, it will take you to my blog  In order for my blog to be interesting and informative, you have to either comment or u could send me questions or concerns through contact  page directly.

2) Web search

   If you are trying to access my blog by web search, you could look for or search engine as Sugunag’s blog.

    It would help to see my comments, likes and question’s all in one place . Which would help me in creating a quality blog with info worthy of your time and read. Please help me in making my blog successful.