July 29, 2021


I can’t believe how fast time goes by. It’s March people. This year winter season has been pretty reasonable so far. I am waiting for spring season to come soon. Spring is one of my favorite season, where all the trees which are standing without leaves would start to bloom. I am always amazed by […]


https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/identity/ All through out over life each one of us are trying to get our own Identity. Identity is a way the other person knows you, the World knows you. Identity might be your Name, Relationship, Career and even SSN etc.. No matter what no one can take away “who you are underneath”. That is […]

Andrea Bocelli- The Music of the Night

Sunday evening on PBS channel, I was watching for the first time Andrea Bocelli Music Show. The song ” The Music of the Night” was amazing and melodies. He has an amazing voice and wonderful orchestra group. So I looked up online a video of the song, I heard to share it with all of […]

Apple iOS 11 release today

Today Apple released its new operating systems iOS 11. You could upgrade your iPhones , iPads and iwatches . The iOS looks so different from the previous iOS 10 version. I am still trying to look and figure things out with my iPhone 7s plus. There a couple different ways you could download the operating […]

Labor Day weekend

I can’t believe the four-day weekend has passed by . This has been more of a relaxing weekend, caught up on some nice movies on Netflix and caught up on much need sleep. Netflix Movies The Imitation Game The Saint The Founder I watched this series called Victoria on PBS. The whole show is amazing. […]

Exotic Fruits

These are some exotic fruits, I enjoyed in Maldives, Sri Lanka and India. Rambutan This is a Tropical Fruit, like Lychee. This fruit is native to Malay- Indonesia, but its found in South eastern Asia. This fruit has a lot of health benefits, some of the important once are good source of Iron, helps in […]

Queen of the Night- Exotic Flower

You all would have seen this photo in my previous post called photo of the day . I had taken this photo at my apartment in Bangalore. When I posted the photo, I did not know what flower it was. So I have been showing around wanting to know the name of the flower. I […]

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