All through out over life each one of us are trying to get our own Identity. Identity is a way the other person knows you, the World knows you. Identity might be your Name, Relationship, Career and even SSN etc.. No matter what no one can take away “who you are underneath”. That is your special identity, which only you might know, and others will know when you show them.

As Human Beings, we have to work on a daily basis to perfect the Identity we have by learning newer Skills and bring out our Talents in order to be a better person. From the moment we are born till we die, Identity comes along with us.

When a Baby is first-born in the hospital, the doctors and nurse want to know what name has been planned for the baby, so they could issue an identity certificate(Birth Certificate) with the Date, Name, SSN and Time of Birth etc.

Identity comes along with us even after death. Upon death, they issue your Identity Certificate(Death Certificate) saying that this person Name, DOB, DOD etc. After death people are still identified with photos and videos. So Friends don’t take Identity very lightly. It’s a very important and personal thing you have. So work upon your identity being what ever you love it to be. Enjoy making your Identity in this world.





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