Bethlehem Steel Stacks

As part of my Photography class, yesterday was an Outdoor class. I always love outdoor classes. Me, along with my classmates and the Instructor, decided to meet at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks. You all should be wondering by now what is a Steel Stacks. Bethlehem City in PA, was once the home of Second largest Steel Manufacture in the Nation. Now the City of Bethlehem keeps the Steel Stacks at the back as a backdrop to all the fun, like Concerts, Art, Family events, Culture, Community Event, Education and fun.

Bethlehem Steel Stacks-2 Furnaces

This place is just amazing. This place is a Photographers Paradise. One has to see the Majesties of the Steel Stacks to experience it . These iconic structures are 5 blast Furnaces that was used in the Iron Making process at Bethlehem Steels for decades. In the night-time The Steel Furnaces are light up with amazing combination of light and it looks amazing.

Lighting of the Tree in front of the Furnaces

I got to take some very low light  pictures, I enjoyed them thoroughly. The weather was supposed to be raining, but the weather was so favorable that I got to spend a few hours taking wonderful pictures outside.

Trying my hand at some different techniques of photos.

I love using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5, you get to do some amazing cool tricks. Enjoy seeing these pictures.