Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a Hindu Festival celebration of lights. This festival is usually held between the months of October and November. This festival is usually celebrated in association with Lakshmi the goddess of Prosperity. This is one of my most favorite festivals, I used to celebrate with my family back in India. On the day of Diwali we wake up early in the morning and burst some firecrackers and after taking bath we wear brand new clothes, which my parents buy for me and my sister.

My mom and Dad do puja and then they give out sweets and have breakfast together. After which we make it a routine to watch some TV programs. In India the festivity is not only in the house, it’s all around you. Even TV programs are catered towards Diwali. My Mom makes us some special lunch for that day, after which we go out to visit our extended family members taking sweets and snacks from home to share the festivity of Diwali. You can hear everyone bursting firecrackers the whole day and celebrating the festival. I cannot forget those days, they feel they are still fresh in my mind. This Diwali celebration I have mentioned above is when I was a kid.

Current day Diwali, I still cannot complain. I used to do the same with my kid. After we woke up gave out new clothes and I made some kind of sweet at home and enjoyed the rest of the day with my family around.

This is the first year I got to take pictures of fireworks while celebrating Diwali and I had a lot of fun doing this. I had my camera set up on my tripod ,with a shutter release and when the fireworks started, I started clicking away picture after picture, while making sure I had what ever I was taking in focus and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The weather normally during this time is cold, but on Saturday Oct 21st was amazing because the temperature during the day was like 78 to 80 F and drop down in the night to about 59 to 55 F and it was amazing to be able to stand out and be able to shoot photos for about 1 hour, without feeling too cold.


I have to thank my Friends for hosting such an amazing Diwali Party that we all could enjoy Diwali like we used to back home in India.