Apple iOS 11 release today

Today Apple released its new operating systems iOS 11. You could upgrade your iPhones , iPads and iwatches . The iOS looks so different from the previous iOS 10 version. I am still trying to look and figure things out with my iPhone 7s plus.

There a couple different ways you could download the operating system upgrade into your phone, the most easiest one of them all is to download it through your iPhone itself.

Go to the Setting App on your iPhone or iPad . Using the one of new update feature for the phone I am able to highlight the Setting apps on my home screen.

When you click open the Settings app, it takes you to several different options, click on General application

I am already starting to like the new update, I am able to highlight using an inbuilt marker, which I think is amazing. After I did print screen which is pressing at the same time , the Home button and the Side Button together you get to take a photo of what is on your iPhone screen.

Click on Software update and it will take a few minutes to show if there is any update available.

This is how it will show if there is an update available. Then you could click on Learn more, to get to know what new updates are coming to you. If not you could go ahead and click Download and Install. The whole download will take less then 10 mins and the iPhone will automatically restart.

If you are not able to download the software update through the iPhone, then you could connect your phone to the iTunes account through your laptop or desktop and then you have the software download . Enjoy your new software update.