Mullayyana Giri Peak

Mullayyana Giri Peak is the tallest peak in Karnataka India, with a height of 1925 meters(6316 ft). It’s one of the highest peaks between Himalayas and Niligiris in India.


If you have read my previous post Triumph, you would know that I hurt my back and have a disk propulsion on my L5 . This happened in 2015 and this is the first year 2017 when I have set out to travel and do a lot of things which I have not been able to do in 2015 and 2016.


So my son visited his Grandmother in Bangalore for his summer break. My husband and I decided that we should go on a road trip in Karnataka after a very long time . Along with our son, we went on a 4 days trip. As part of our last day before returning back to Bangalore, we decided to go Trekking .


We were staying at a coffee estate called PrimRose villa in ChikMaglur and Mullayyana  Giri base  was about 30 minutes drive.


These photos are taken at various view points while climbing the mountain. It was an amazing experience to climb, with a lot of help from my son and husband. They both kept motivating me, through out 2 hours and 36 minutes climb up the mountain.





My son is motivating me for the climb, people with back issue will understand that, when pain strikes, how hard it becomes to complete a task.


This is the path of the climb up the mountain.



Reached the first point on the mountain climb. The feeling was amazing, to achieve something.


The weather was amazing for the climb, if it was hot, it would have been very difficult. The weather was a blessing.


This was the second point in the mountain climb. We got to sit and rest for a little bit and there was truck selling snacks, water. Which gave us a little bit of energy to do the rest of the climb.

Father and Son


From this point there are 496 steps up one way to the summit. This was the hardest part of the climb.


When we reached the summit, it felt amazing to have achieved something which otherwise would have felt unachievable with the lower back pain and sciatic problem I have. There is a temple up at the summit.


Got to sit relax and enjoy the view.

I had my walk tracked on my Apple Watch.

The watch also keeps track of the route for my walk, which was very amazing.