Cooking Posts- 7 Chapatti

Chapatti ( Roti’s)


Wheat flour – 3 cups

Olive oil


Water to Knead


This is the wheat I use, you could get this from any Indian store.


Take 3 heaping cups of (Chakki Atta) Wheat in a wide mouth bowl. Pour 2 tablespoon of olive oil  and salt to taste into the bowl.


Begin to Knead the wheat flour by pouring water as and when required until you  get the consistence below. Once you have the dough ready and if you poke your finger through the dough it would feel like a sponge. Cover it with a thin cloth or damp tissue paper and set it aside until you start preparing chapatti’s. You could prepare the dough much in advance, like a day and could transfer to a box which you could be placed in the refrigerator. The longer the dough soaks the softer the chapatti’s will be.

Caution: when you places the dough in the refrigerator make sure you put it in an air tight container. Otherwise the dough will dry out .


Make small round balls as shown below, and you have to use a rolling-pin in order to roll out the dough.


Take some dry wheat flour to dust on your counter and with a rolling-pin , roll out the dough as big as you can, when you do this over and over, until its thin and round. You should stop rolling it as soon as you see it thin.


Take a pan and start to preheat the pan on the stove, when the pan is warm enough, you could place the dough you have rolled and allow one side to slowly puff up and turn the chapatti to the other side so it could cook repeating the process of it to puff up. Make sure you have the stove on medium flame.


Once both side’s of chapatti are cooked you could take a tong’s and hold the chapatti over direct flame as shown, and allow the chapatti to puff up, when one side puff’s up turn the chapatti so the other side will also cook.

Caution: While cooking over directly flame, take caution hot steam will escape from the chapatti, so take care and keep the flame in medium or low.


Once both the sides are cooked, then you could lay the chapatti on a plate and rub some butter or ghee. Serve it hot and you could eat it with any of the gravy’s I have suggested in my previous post like channa masala, paneer butter masala, etc.. Enjoy hot Roti’s

Alternate Method:  If you don’t want to put the chapatti over directly flame , you can continue from step 7 on the pan and allow the chapatti to cook  both sides by sprinkling little oil in the pan and cooking both side’s of chapatti well done and enjoy it with any of the above gravy items mentioned above.