Five bitter foods which are good for our health


Our tongue receptors is the most important aspect in tasting food, how ever delicious the food is cooked, our tongue decided how our food taste. Our tongue differentiate  5 different flavors, Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and umami( it’s a combination of sweet, salty, sour and bitterness).

There are several bitter foods which are good for health. I have identified 5 bitter foods I like and why they are good for health.

  1. Kale 


Kale is one of the nutrient dense food in the planet. It’s a member of cabbage family. The leafs can be green or purple color. A single cup raw kale, has all of the major vitamins and minerals in it. Kale is rich in antioxidants. You can eat kale by adding it to your salad, kale chips. Taste of kale is bitter.

2. Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Made from cocoa seeds, its one of the best source of antioxidants. It contains a decent amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. Taste of Dark Chocolate is bitter.

3. Fenugreek seeds (methi)

My Indian friends would agree that this seed is consumed on a daily basis. You could consume this either in the form Methi leaves or the dry seeds. Fenugreek is rich in medicinal value, which could help in reducing your day-to-day aliments, like Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, aids in digestion and several more ailments. You could consume overnight soaked fenugreek water ever day in an empty stomach first thing in the morning before you drink coffee. Taste of Fenugreek seed is bitter

4. Turmeric


This is another item which will be well know to my Indian friends, Turmeric. This is another item which is used on a daily basis in Indian cooking. Turmeric can help in treatment of really big health issue like cancer, Alzheimer and it reduces inflammation. Taste of Turmeric is also bitter.


Bitter melon and gourd


This is a vegetable and its called by several names one of the names is Karela. When you mention Bitter gourd or Karela , what comes to memory is its bitterness. The regular consumption of this vegetable can help in controlling diabetics, improving immune system, controlling acne and several other health issue. Taste of Bitter gourd/ melon is bitter.

The human mind when it things or hears the word bitter, it kind of switches off. You ask any kid  about bitterness is in the lowest option of taste which they want to try out. But bitter taste has so many benefits.