Daily Prompt:  Exposed

Teenage is a time period in which children want to try new things out, they are figuring  themselves out. They are trying to make new friends or they are trying to retain their old friends. What ever they are trying, they are under tremendous stress within themselves.

As teens, they want to try things out like other adults they are influenced by. They want to follow their parents and trying things their friends have tried or want to try. They get exposed to all teenager surrounding, because they are talking and seeing their friends do. They are trying to establish their identity.

Teens  get exposed to drugs, alcohol and other peer pressure items. Suddenly they want to take risks like other friends do. Middle school and High school have high exposure to such things.

Teenage is very nice and very difficult phase for the parents. Taking the most difficult phase and making it good or bad depends on the way the parents help handle the situation. Teenager’s are already struggling trying to make the right decision.

As parents, you have to spend time and take effort to understand your children. So have some one your teenager trust in the family to help you all with this. That person can be an Aunt, cousin sister, brother etc. or some one your kids look up to. They basically need some one who will not judge them , like parents would do that is what they think. They could spend time with your teenager and try hearing and talking to them.

If your teenager will hear you then fine. You need to address each issue one by one and be very patient while addressing each issue. Both parents should not start advising, parents should decided who should be the one who is going to be doing the talking with your teenage, eventually that person will become the confidante.