March 2, 2021

Freshman year of college is over

I can’t believe Freshman year is over. It was a tough first year as a family we all  had to go through. We all had to get used to not seeing each another on a regular basis. Suddenly you would realize that you would get to see your kid only on vacation’s.  My son  was trying to […]


Daily Prompt:  Exposed Teenage is a time period in which children want to try new things out, they are figuring  themselves out. They are trying to make new friends or they are trying to retain their old friends. What ever they are trying, they are under tremendous stress within themselves. As teens, they want to try things out […]

Importance of Planning( To do list)

Planning is a such a key element in once’s life. We teach our kids to plan everyday once they enter high school, because it helps them to set a guide line to work and gives them the motivation to complete the activities they have written down in their to do-list. It keeps them focused and […]

How to keep your High Schooler busy during Summer break

Today I was talking to my friend, who has a high schooler and that’s how, this topic came up and I thought I would share some ideas of how to keep your teenage busy during their summer vacation. 1)     Summer Vacation– The number one option is a good long vacation with your children, that is […]

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