Freshman year of college is over

I can’t believe Freshman year is over. It was a tough first year as a family we all  had to go through. We all had to get used to not seeing each another on a regular basis. Suddenly you would realize that you would get to see your kid only on vacation’s.  My son  was trying to adjust from being away from home, into a new environment called Freshman experience.

 In college, a teenager goes through a lot of changes and learns to adjust to a new environment, they also get to face full freedom with risks for the very first time. When in high school they still ask parents for permission to do thing’s and buy (limited freedom pertaining to rule’s). But in college, they get to decide what is right or wrong for themselves. It’s a huge learning curve they go through. 

Everything is new from deciding what to eat when to wake up for class, what to do with their free time and especially when to do laundry. Once they figure these things out, life becomes very easy. But it’s the process of doing these things which take time. 

As parent the hardest part is when your kid is sick in college and they call u “Mom, I am having cold, sore throat and I might be having fever”, that is the time when you will feel you want to reach through the phone and make them feel better, by making them some homemade soup and giving them medicines. The next time you will feel terrible when you make a dish your kid likes very much for lunch or dinner and he/she is not there to enjoy it along with you.

I was having lunch with my friend, her son and mine were sharing a room going through freshman experience. We got to walk down the memory lane, and both of us could not believe that freshman year is over. At the end of the first year, you must experience how grown up and bold your kid gets through this period. In this post, I am talking about the emotional growth your kid gets in certain areas. They are still depend on you for few things, one of the big one is “money” to fund the college. You still need to teach them value of money.