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Today’s Farce

I was trying to come up with something to write about Farce (means something which means to be seen as ridiculous, particularly comedy on an unlikely situation.

Here is what I am doing today when I should be planning to get ready and leave to the airport, I have a flight to catch in the evening, I am farce cooking lunch and dinner for a few days for my kid and planning on taking photos of each new item, I prepare so I could put together the future cooking posts. This is called the motherly feeling when you are about to leave your kid in college and go far away and not be able to see him for some time.

Have any of you all felt this type of feeling, were you would be doing farce things and would want to share.



Daily Prompt: Today’s Farce



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  1. I know, it is very hard moment to leave pieces of your heart in a country and then you leave! But our things in life judge us, no choice, wish you a comfortable trip , peace !

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