July 29, 2021

Dreams are Temporary


Dreams are temporary, but they feel so real. Have you sometimes felt you are in a dream with weird creepy crawl reptiles (I don’t even like to tell their name) like snakes really large ones all around you. Yesterday night was one of them. I was very restless and could not fall asleep.

I was twisting and turning restless on my bed, subconsciously telling my brain to erase out this dream , and I needed to wake up and replace the dream with something nicer than the one which was making me restless.

My brain, knew that this was not real and it was temporary and would go away. Then around 4am, I somehow got out of it and decided to get water to drink because my throat was completely dry. That is how I broke my dream.

Do any of you have such dreams and would like to share.


2 thoughts on “Dreams are Temporary

  1. Sometimes I have dreams that actually give me direction in life! But most of my dreams are crazy (if I remember them), where I am flying or running from something. Yikes!

  2. I usually find that I will often dream about things that have preyed on my mind during the day, but when i wake i am left with only remnants of the dream which seem to fade as i wake more fully.

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