We are all so busy with life that we never give an opportunity to turn down the volume and hear and see things in its original form with out the noise associated with it.

Like how we try to detox our body by going on a juice based diet. So should we detox our mind from what we see and hear, by switching off our electronic gadgets for some time. It’s very hard to do, I agree with that. But every one should try at some point in there life. 

I tried that while we went on a vacation to Maldives. It was amazing how both me and my husband got a couple days were we never got to use our phone in the normal way, like making and receiving calls and checking emails or sending messages, including WordPress site. The island we stayed in had wifi and its was amazing that we could access wifi when we were on the beach also. But we agreed to use our phones only to take photos and videos.

We both never missed anything by not using our mobile device or computer and we definitely gained a lot more time. It felt like time was going a little slow and we had the time to feel good about what we saw around us.

The beautiful color of the ocean and the hustle of  the wind spoke volumes to me. It was so relaxing to be on the island, enjoying and taking in the scenery.