Photographic spots

We were driving back from Atlanta. It was a long 15 hour car drive from Atlanta to PA. So me and my husband decided to drive over the weekend, so we could stop and site -see along the way.

It was an amazing road trip. Instead of choosing the regular highway. We planned to drive through Blue ridge-parkway. This parkway starts in North Carolina and goes through South Carolina and ends Virginia as ( skyline drive). It’s about 469 miles .

At the beginning we drove through regular highway and got into Blue-ridge parkway entrance in VA. It’s a beautiful long and slow drive. There is a lot of winding roads, and the speed limit is about 45mph to 50 mph.

This is Marby Mill ,VA on Blue-ridge Parkway. This is an Preserved Historic site and amazing Photographic spot. I got to take some amazing photos at this location.

There is an amazing app and website, if you are planning to drive on Blue Ridge Parkway. You could use them to plan your visit. There are several scenic and photography spot on this highway. I would highly recommended to include this highway if you are planning to go on a road trip in that direction. You will be very happy.