Interesting places to see in Atlanta

As part of my Travel stories, I am going to put together interesting and must-see places I have visited. I will include a small amount of information and photographs of the places I have visited.

I have been talking about places like Hawaii, Maldives, Sri Lanka etc, in my previous post on my blog under travel sections. If you want to read previous stories I have written, please click on Travel. I try my best to categorize my stories under continents so it would easy to find the location.


This post I want to talk about The Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta. This is an amazing stadium home for Atlanta Falcons, National Football league. This stadium is the 5th largest covered stadium with a capacity of 71000 and expanded to 83000.



I got to watch a Football game played between the Atlanta Falcons and The Kansas City Chief. This was my very first time going into a Stadium to watch a game. I am glad that I went into such a large stadium.


I got to take these photos from my DSLR camera.



This stadium has an amazing roof which can be opened. The day I went for the game, it was very hot outside and so they had the roof closed. They had a/c running to cool the entire stadium, which felt very amazing.





I would highly recommend, to book for a game so you could go and see the inside of the stadium and the seating is not very expensive. I hope I have made your decision easy by posting these photos and the write-up if you were deciding to check the stadium out.