July 29, 2021

Polynesian cultural experience

I would recommend every first timer to Hawaii to go and see the show at the Polynesian cultural center in Oahu. This gives you an amazing feel of the Hawaiian culture. One can spend half a day and nice evening with the cultural center. As a family we choose to do the evening portion at the cultural center. So I had booked Dinner with an Hawaiian show called Breathe of Life.


As soon as you enter the center, you will welcomed with a lot of Artifacts.


I got to take an amazing sunset picture inside the center.


We were welcomed with a fresh Orchid Lei.


I am a vegetarian, had some good vegetarian options to eat along with a nice  fresh Mango juice nicely presented in a fresh Pineapple.


This was a show they had while we where having our dinner. The show was amazing, colorful and very enjoyable.






I was able to get some light painting with the show.




The were so many low light display which I got to take picture of.









I took a lot of amazing pictures. It was a great way to spend the evening at the cultural center and see the show.


5 thoughts on “Polynesian cultural experience

  1. Great article. My wife, out daughter and I did this last October 2017. Absolutely loved the center and the Ha: Breathe of Life performance was AMAZING!

    I just have one pro tip to keep everyone aware. The center is owned by the Mormon church (not a big deal) but we purchased extra tickets for the Tram Bus Tour. We were exciting to be driven around the center and community. Turns out, that was a very deceptive move by the church.

    The tram tour is two church sisters who takes you to the Mormon Temple visitor center after giving you a 10 minutes lesson on Brigham Young University and Joseph Smith and drop you off there, literally with no way out.

    At the visitor center, there are another 10-20 sisters from the church who work on giving you the Book of Mormon and attempt to proselytize you. After about 30 minutes the tram bus comes back to take you back to the center.

    My wife and I felt this was very deceptive and I was pretty upset that they made no mention in the brochure about being left at the Mormon Temple to be converted.

    Amazing experience, avoid the tram tour.

      1. Hi Suguna – I bet you had a great time. We LOVED the food and the show. the Ha: Breath of Life show brought me to tears a couple times, they did a fantastic job on the production.

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