My experience after I started Blogging

I can’t believe that its 9 months since I started blogging. If you remember from my previous posts, I had a fear towards writing. With support from my family and friends like you all, I have been able to come out of that fear and move forward with writing. This 9 months has been a journey of learning new and amazing skills after I started to blog.

After I started blogging, I started seeing the world around me differently, for what it has to offer. The World is such a beautiful place, with so many things to see and learn about. After sending my son to College and becoming an empty Nester. It was tough handling my time, purpose etc without my son. While he went to school,  I had a purpose of how to manage time , set goals etc, but with him gone to college it become difficult , what to do next, what to eat etc.

When I started blogging, I got a purpose and started planning my activities, even my day. Now I had a purpose and a goal. I started planning my posts and decided to start learning new skills which would help me do more with my blogs. I love to take pictures in general, but needed more techniques and tricks to take better pictures, so I started taking photography classes and Writing classes.

My son needed to learn cooking and recipe , so I thought I should start planning my meals so I could put Recipe posts on my blog, this internally helped me eat health and also take photos so I could post them in my blog.

Sitting in my family room, I felt I had a lot more friends to connect with and saw more places in the world through every once’s post and photographs. It felt amazing to be able to access the whole world through my electronic gadget, this kept me stay connected and on top of all the important things.

Overall Blogging has been very help full in making me sane and motivated, given me a positive outlook in my life. It has kept me more active, with a purpose and helped me set goals and achieve goals. It’s the best think that has happened to me.

Statistics after I started blogging. I have made 444 new friends along with my facebook friends. I have attached the statistic of how my blog is performing.

After I started blogging with Word press website for 9 months, in October I opened another blog site with for my photo blogs. I have even add an Instagram page , Facebook page for photos and I have added another 125 more friends through these pages.

This 9 months has been an incredible journey , I have travelled to several places in the world like Maldives, Sri Lanka, within India , Bangalore, Mumbai, Coimbatore, places in the USA like Atlanta, Ohio, Boston, Hawaii. I have seen airports like London, Qatar, Amsterdam.