My Blog’s first year Anniversary

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe its today April 5th, 2018. This is my blog’s First Anniversary. It’s been a year since I started blogging. I am the same person who said I had a lot of fear in writing down, my thoughts etc. I can’t believe I have created 327 blog posts and 481 followers.

When I look back at the progress of my blog and website, I am amazed at the progress. I have branched my blog into several categories like  Recipes, photographs, Travel-related stories, Poem, Short Stories etc. I just go with the flow of what my mind wants me to do. As readers, I want to thank each one of you for your time and motivation, without which I would not have gotten the boost to go ahead with my various post.

I was going through a phase in my life after I sent my only son to College and became an empty nester. Blogging gave me a purpose and made me look at everything in a different angle, which kind of helped me get better with a lot of things like writing, reading, photography etc. When I started with blogging on April 5, 2017, I never thought what I was going to write and post on a daily basis, but I am impressed with myself.

After I started blogging, I spent time learning more technical skills with photography and have taken that to the next level. I started with 500px to post my pictures as a trial in end of October 2017. When I realized my pictures were getting enough recognition from a large group of photographers all over the world both professional and new photographers. I got motivated to open up accounts on Instagram, Flickr and Facebook page for Suguna Ganeshan Photography.  My photos got 125,207 views in just about 6 months between each of the above sites. I even went one step ahead and put together my own website for photography, do check my site out at 

I would like to thank all my friends around the world, who has been a big support, by giving your valuable feedback. It has helped me move to the next step. Currently, my time is divided between Photography, writing, and Recipe which I love. Please do continue to support me by check both my websites and provide your valuable feedback in the comment section of both my website.