July 9, 2020

Color your world- purple

Purple Heart This was a beautiful Dusk picture I captured when I was staying at Prince Waikiki in Oahu, Hawaii. I love how the light reflection looks purple when its hitting on the ocean. It was amazing to see the change of colors after the sun goes down. Advertisements


Color your world – Rose

Rose I love looking at Macy’s window display during the holiday season, they are so vibrant and colorful which catches the eye of the pedestrian. Every year they have a new display to see. I don’t get it to see it every year, but when ever I have seen I have enjoyed them.

Color your world- Black

Black Even though the topic for the color your World was Black. I looked through my pictures and I came up with these two pictures. This is a picture of Lava oozing out in the night. The lava flowing and when the hot magma oozes out its glowing red, yellow and so many more colors. […]

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