I have been taking  photography of the places I have been traveling over the years, but until 2017 when I started to travel more frequently did I realize I love taking photography. Usually when you take pictures you see it once or twice with your family and then it’s saved in digital files on a hard drive and set aside for future, which we hardly go back and see.

These pictures you might see another 1 or 2 more times, before you take the next picture and going through the same process of filling them away in your Hard drive. I have always felt that I should share my pictures more than seeing it 1 or 2 times.

After my Trip to Hawaii in the Winter, I decided that I should put a website together to show case my amazing photographs, which I have been collecting on my hard drive with the world. That is how my website came together.

I released my website part of 2018 personal goal to myself. Do check my site out at I am working on adding more Travel places and countries which I have travelled and will be traveling in the future.

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