Hidden Figures Movie




Today I watched Hidden Figures movie On demand through Dish. This is an amazing, motivational and emotional movie of three amazing Black Woman, who were part of NASA. They had to prove themselves at a time when racism was very big part of the society.

I was so emotional when I saw the scene of Katherine having to run quiet a distant in order to use the colored people’s restroom. Dorothy and Mary had to fight in their own way. Some of the situation in the movie were very emotional, particularly when Katherine had to express her problems to her boss regarding not showing up for 40 minutes at her desk.

I have not yet read the book. Guess after watching the movie, I definitely want to read the book. Usually I always feel reading a book is better than watching the movie. The Movie cannot do just to the author’s words. But I thought this movie was very decently put together. Guess I will get to know more, if  I read the book. If you have not seen this movie I would recommend you all to see it.