Cooking Post -22 Garlic Pepper Rasam

Garlic Pepper Rasam



Garlic Bulb -2

Tomato -2

Tamarind paste – 2 tablespoon

Horse Gram ( type of Lentil) – 1 cup

Coriander seeds – 2 tablespoon

Dry Red chilli – 4

Jeera seeds- 1 tablespoon

Black Pepper- 1 1/2 tablespoon

Mustard seeds – 1 teaspoon



Fresh Cilantro


Have the lentils pressure cooked or cooked until the Lentil is soft with enough water. Set aside for the Lentil to cool. If you don’t like to pressure cook, you can cook it over the stove, but that is going to take some time.


Peel about 1 to 2 Bulb of Garlic or as many you want to eat. You can also not add any Garlic if you don’t like them at all.


In this photo, I have used coriander powder instead of coriander seeds, since I did not have them at a time. You could use any of the above if you have. Take 1 tablespoons of Jeera, 1 1/2 tablespoons of Black pepper, 3 dry red chilly, 1 1/2 tablespoons of coriander powder or 1 tablespoon of coriander seeds. You can reduce the spice levels by reducing black pepper and red chilly. This dish is a very spicy dish.  You can also eliminate red chilly.



Use a dry blender and add all the above ingredients on step-3 to the blender and dry grind them and set it aside like shown in the picture.


Take a pan and pour some oil as soon as the oil heat’s up, you can add the mustard, jeera to splatter. After which you can add the peeled garlic and sauté them until the garlic turns light brown and is cooked.



After you dry grind in the blender in step-4, you could use the same blender to add 2 tomatoes and a few pieces of the garlic you sauté above, with 2 tablespoons of Tamarind paste and add some water and blend into a smooth paste and then pour the paste into the above pan were you have sauté the garlic. Add some water to the paste and allow it boil for sometime.


The cooked lentil which you had in step-1,  should be cooled enough to be blend using a blender. Don’t be afraid to add water while blending and then use a strainer to strain.


Using a strainer collect all the juice from the lentil in a separate bowl and set aside.

If there is more pulp in the lentil then you might need to add more water and blend

it again in the blender. Do it until you have residue which you cannot do anything about,

then discard the unusable portion.



Pour the lentil juice into the tomato mixer which is boiling in step-6

Add the dry powder of jeera, coriander, black pepper and red chilly which have been

grinded in step-4 and mix will so no lumps form.




Check for salt and add if you need any , allow the mixture to boil for some time and then you could fresh-cut cilantro.


Your Garlic Pepper Rasam is ready. You can have it like soup by itself, or eat it along with hot white Rice. Enjoy it and let me know.