January 27, 2021


 I am currently visiting my parents in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu , India. My parents have lots of plants in the front and backyard. Today my Dad was showing me all the interesting plants around. I wanted to share with you all Locally grown fruits and flowers. They have some 4 or 5 varieties of jasmine […]

Apple offers $1billion green bond for clean energy

  I am very happy to know that there are several companies which realizes global warming is real. President Trump things it’s a hoax and so, he has decided to withdraw USA out from the Paris Climate agreement. Which I personally feel is a big blunder for a leading nation like USA to do. This […]

Product Red an update regarding iPhone 7 red

Today I was browsing the web regarding an update about iPhone Red in regards to Aid’s awareness program. I came upon this Product Red Wikipedia page, which later led me to Product Red website. I was very happy to see that a lot of big companies like Beats, Bank of America, Coco Cola company, Apple inc, […]

Red iPhone 7 plus

I just upgraded my iPhone from 6s to Red 7plus iPhone. This is a first time I  am getting a plus. When compared to iPhone 6s. This phone seems really big. It makes typing much much easier from the iPhone 6s. I still have to figure out the rest of the features for iPhone 7 […]

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