When I went to meet my parents, my dad was showing me some pictures and videos he had taken and edited into a movie. He was showing me some pictures of the moon he had beautifully captured on his DSLR Camera. That day more than half of the moon was visible and we decided to get a view of the moon from his house roof top.


Even though it was partially cloudy, we were able to see the moon with the camera set up at a distant. You are seeing the moon through the viewfinder of my dad’s camera and I decided to take a picture of the moon by using my iPhone 7 plus.

There is so much cloud that the moon would go out of focus.


We had no obstructions in order to view the moon from the roof top and it was beautiful to gaze up at the sky and wonder the distant of the moon which was so clearly available to our view.

I could zoom through his camera to get such a close up view of the moon. I could see craters on the moon.



Daily Prompt: Distant