The best part of living in the USA is I get to see all four season. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Autumn season


Autumn and Spring are my most favorite season where I get to see how the leafs on trees get to change color and the leafs fall of the trees. The trees become Dormant when leafs fall down. The best part is the trees remain in Dormant stage for all most six months and when Spring Season starts the spring back to life, which is amazing.


Winter Season


When it Snows and the tree branches are covered with Snow instead of leaves it looks so beautiful. I always wonder how the trees could lose all its leafs and go through tough winter and then start to bloom back in the Spring. It’s amazing to see so much life come back on them.


Spring season starting


Spring Season full Bloom


The Dormant trees just bloom with flowers during the spring season and it’s just amazing.






Daily Prompt: Dormant