July 30, 2021




When I saw the topic for the daily prompt, I immediately cringed and wonder what I am going to write about this topic.

The meaning for Cringe is to bend one's head and body in fear, experience an inwardly shiver of embarrassment or disgust.

The feeling of Cringe happens when you see or do something which you are ashamed of and fear some one would judge you for your action.



Daily Prompt:  Cringe


4 thoughts on “Cringe

  1. Gansu I am fascinated to find that we receive very different daily prompts .. I can only get to yours by clicking on your link … mine today is ‘tradition’ a repeat as most of them are .. will respond to this one as it offers more creative scope .. so there seems to be parallel universes on WP!

    1. Actually I have a lot of catch-up to do on daily prompt. I take care of my mother in law she is 91 years old and so there are good days and bad days depends on the time I get I sit down to write , I have created drafts of the prompts I have missed in the past and I try to write when ever I get a chance. Thank you for checking them out.

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