Screen Recording a feature in iOS 11

Today I learned about one of the nicest feature called Screen Recording part of the new iOS11 upgrade feature, thought I would share with you all.

1). If you want to activate this feature then you have to go into Settings on your iPhone and select Control Center. I have used an arrow to highlight the option to choose in my photo attached below.

2) After selecting the Control center, you will see that it opens another page with some options. Select Customize controls option

3) When Customize Control option is selected a lot of options show up, some already selected and part of your control panel, and more choice to choose from. If you select on Screen Recording as your option , you have to click on the Green plus sign to add the feature.

4) After selecting Screen Recording feature, you will see that the option moves up to being included and has a Red Minus sign. No if you want to remove the option you have to press the Red minus sign and the feature will be deleted from the control panel.

5) After you made the necessary change in Settings, by following the above steps. Pull the Control Panel from below. You do that by pulling just above the Home Button from the end of the screen. You will see the panel come up, like shown below.

6) If you want to make a Screen Recording, say you are playing a game and you want to record the steps . You could be on your game screen and press the Screen Recording Button on your control panel to record. I have attached a video of how Screen Recording works.

7). After Screen Recording is done the video saved in the Camera Roll app and you can access the video through the Photo app on your Home screen. You can also record a scene you are watching. I recorded a Tom and Jerry video with Screen Recording . It records with volume.

8) One thing you have to keep in mind is you cannot use Screen Recording while Mirroring your Video through Apple TV. You have to take off Mirroring and then do it on your iPhone or iPad device.