3D Touch feature for iOS 11

The 3D Touch feature is an amazing way to preview an application on iOS 11.

Press down and and hold an app and then there is a drop down option which looks like this

In this case, I am using 3D Touch on my WordPress app. It shows me a preview of how my Blog is performing on a daily basis and an option to write a new post, or view my status of My Blog and even share my blog.

3D Touch feature in viewing my email. If I don’t want to open and read all my email, I can hold down lightly and press the email , which I want to just glance and it gives me a preview of the email. Based on the preview I can decide to open the email or keep going on. If I decide to open the email , I have to press it a little more hard and then it opens the whole email.

3D Touch features are there for all of the apps like the Weather, which gives the weather for your place at a glimpse.

Enjoy trying these new features which are part of the new iOS 11. I will write about new and interesting features of iOS11 as I keep exploring and learning them myself.

In the mean time if some one has a question , please feel free to put it in the comment section, so we could learn it together.