Sneha, can you give me the shovel. Rishi asks to dig a hole in the backyard near the rose plant their mother had recently planted the previous day. They both were planning to hide a toy which was Kamal’s favorite.

Rishi and Sneha wanted to teach Kamal a lesson since he was the youngest of them all and was pampered the most by their mother. And they felt he was the reason that both of them got into trouble with their mother.

Kamal suddenly realizes that his Marvel Spider-Man toy which he always holds in his hands was missing. He starts to search in his room, and the usual place he keeps all his other toys. He loves to hold the Spider-Man toy all the time even while sleeping, so he is not able to understand where he would have lost his favorite toy. He decides to go and ask his brother and sister if they knew where his toy was.

“Sneha Deedi, do you know where my Spider-Man toy went” asked Kamal.

“I don’t know,” says Sneha.

“When I went to sleep yesterday night, I had the toy in my hand and I don’t know where it went today morning,” says Kamal.

Kamal decides to ask his brother Rishi.

“Rishi Bhaiya, have you seen my Spider-Man toy, I have seemed to have lost it,” says Kamal.

Both Sneha and Rishi look at each another and  Rishi mentions he has not seen it.

Kamal realizing that he has lost his toy starts to cry.

Hearing this noise Kamal’s mother comes to find out what is going on with the siblings, and sees Kamal crying.

“Kamal honey why are you crying”, asks Kamal’s mother.

Which makes Kamal cry louder.

“Maa, I have lost my Spider-Man toy,” says Kamal

Maa, reminds him, you should have left it on your bed side table.

Kamal says,” I have already checked it and it’s not over there”.

Mother looks at both the brother and sister and ask them, have you both seen his toy anywhere. Sneha and Rishi both immediately responded no mom.

“Kamal honey don’t worry I will get you another toy when we go outside,” says the mother.

Both the kids notice that Kamal is calming down for the time being and they keep quiet with guilty faces.

Later that night Mother calls both Sneha and Rishi and gently inquiries the where about’s of the toy. Both of them not being able to hold up they open up to her saying that they have hidden Kamal’s toy.

Mother gently ask them where they have hidden the toy and why did they hide particularly Kamal’s toy.

Both Sneha and Rishi take their mother near the rose plant she had recently planted and said they have dug a small hole and hidden the toy in it. The mother is in shock to find out the extent both the kids have gone to hide Kamal’s toy. She asks both of them to take it out immediately and have it cleaned up.

After the toy was dug out and cleaned up. The mother decided to find out why the kids had to do something like this. Both kids opened up to her, saying that she pampered and loved Kamal more than both of them, and she would yell at them all the time if something were to go wrong, assuming that Sneha and Rishi were the reason something went wrong.

The Mother, then mentioned that she loved all the three of them equally and that she would ask more questions before she yelled at any one of them in the future. Some times kids do something just to get the attention of the adult and as an adult, it’s our duty to ask questions before we come to a conclusion.