The meaning of Dubious is hesitating or doubting, not to be relied upon, suspect.


Sheryl, stood shocked  when she was hearing her best friend talking about her brother. Sheryl knew her brother would not hit one soul. He always tried to remove himself from any situation he felt was bad . Her brother was a school nerd and every one of her classmates and school mates, made fun of him, which Sheryl did not like one bit. Hearing her best friend mention that Mike had hit another boy David, when David  was trying to ask some question to Mike and Mike got angry and punched David on his nose. Sheryl could not believe that Mike would raise his hands.

Sheryl, kind of dubiously asked her friend Mary ” who told you about Mike hitting David?”

Mary,” quickly mentioned that she had heard other students in the school corridor talking about what happened between Mike and David.”

Sheryl, ” said I need to go and see Mike and asking him what happened”.

Sheryl started walking to Mike’s class room. While walking she was also hearing other students talking about what happened between Mike and David.

Now she needed to see Mike immediately to find out.

When Sheryl reached Mike’s classroom, her eyes started searching for him frantically. When her eyes slowly landed on Mike, she saw him sitting in the corner of his classroom with his head down on the desk and could sense he was crying.

Sheryl immediately understood what should have happened and ran into the classroom to console Mike.