Sheela felt faint when she was standing in the line along with her other class mates at the Morning Assembly. The whole school  would be at the morning assembly. Every day in the morning they would assemble and would sing songs and there would be an announcement for the day and so on. Suddenly Sheela felt as if some kind of darkness was coming and going and a feeling of dizziness coming over her. She was very scared that she would fall down in front of the whole assembly  and make a fool of herself.

Struggling hard to not move and send a distress signal to her close friend , she held her self , so the feeling could pass and everything would be normal again. Her mind was playing tricks like a  camera zoom, were darkness and light would keep coming and going, this should have been for about 5 minutes and thank goodness, she suddenly heard her Principal call School dismiss, the principal completed her speech and decided to send all the students back to class.

Sheela was so happy that change of mind and action would save the day for her. So she called her close friend to accompany her to the restroom and decided to freshen up before she head to class.