via Daily Prompt: Launch

Mary, had to go on a work trip to Seattle for a week. She had to leave her daughter Jane who was 4 yrs old with her mother for the very first time. 

Mary, planned on having a chat with her daughter about this work Trip.

One evening after work Mary, took Jane to her favorite Ice cream shop and got her a Vanilla Cone Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles.

As Jane sat licking her Ice Cream, Mary said:” Sweetie, I need to talk to you about something”.

Jane licking her Ice Cream looked up at her mother with cute sparkling eyes, giving her mother full attention.

Sweetie, “I have to go to Seattle for a week”, Mommy has work and will get back as soon my work is done.

Jane asks, “Mommy why do you need to go”, with tears in her eyes.

Mary ” Sorry Darling, I tried avoiding, but something came up at work which was so important that I had to go”.

Jane started crying after all she was a 4yrs old Toddler.  She had not been without her mother for a single day. This would be her very first time.  

Mary, need to salvage the situation, So she said, Sweetie, you are going to stay with Granny. You will have lots of fun with her and Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa will take you to the Park, The Zoo and any other place you would like to go.

Jane loved going to the park and the Zoo. 

Mary continued, “Think about the nice time you will have with both of them”. Jane always loved to go to her Grandparents place, they had a lot of her toys and particularly the Barbie Kitchen set she loved to play with.

Slowly she started wiping her eyes with her tiny hands and came to a decision and told her mother, that she would be okay with her Grandma and Grandpa, while she had to go to her work in Seattle.

Mary and Jane, both finished their Ice Cream and left the store. While Mary was driving her Honda Accord home, she heard Jane mumbling quietly to one of her dolls which she carries around all the time about the trip to New York, to her Grandparents place.

Mary decided that Jane would be okay with her leaving to Seattle and decided to call her boss and let her know of the decision she had made to accompany.

Mary was supposed to leave to Seattle on Monday morning and so she planned to spend the weekend along with Jane at her Parents place. She decided to make two phone calls after reaching home.

On Friday morning Mary decided to remind Jane again that she was leaving to Seattle for Work purpose and that she would be leaving Jane with her Grandparents for about a week.

Jane asks” Mommy, a week means how many days will it be before you come back to get me from Granny’s place”.

Mary says” a week means 7 days sweetie”.

Mary can see the wheels in Jane’s mind turning.

Jane asks” Mommy you will be with me at Grandma’s place till Sunday and then leave”.

Mary,” yes darling, I will leave on Monday morning and will be back by Saturday night”.

Jane leaves her questioning for some time.

But Mary knows, that there surely will be more questions coming up later.

Around 5 pm on Friday evening, Mary and Jane leave their house with the necessary items for both her trip to Seattle and for Jane’s stay with her Grandparents place.

After beating the evening traffic, they reach Grandma’s place in about 2 hours.

Jane is so excited that she is going to stay in Grandma’s place for a week. The minute her car door  is open and she see’s Grandma coming to get her, she launches her self into her Grandma’s arms. Happily mentioning that she is going to be staying with Grandma and Grandpa for a week and how they could be spending the time in the park and the zoo until her mother gets back from Seattle.

As soon as Mary sees this scene, she realizes there is nothing to worry about her work trip, Jane would be fine with her parents.