July 30, 2021

Color your world – Rose

Rose I love looking at Macy’s window display during the holiday season, they are so vibrant and colorful which catches the eye of the pedestrian. Every year they have a new display to see. I don’t get it to see it every year, but when ever I have seen I have enjoyed them.

Color your world- Black

Black Even though the topic for the color your World was Black. I looked through my pictures and I came up with these two pictures. This is a picture of Lava oozing out in the night. The lava flowing and when the hot magma oozes out its glowing red, yellow and so many more colors. […]

Colour Your World: Aquamarine

Aquamarine This is a picture I took in Oahu, after I climbed the Diamond Head State Monument. This is a huge saucer shaped crater. It is the most recognized landmark and a very famous hiking trail with a stunning coastal view. The color of the water is a beautiful Aquamarine.

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